Visual Relationship Prediction via Label Clustering and Incorporation of Depth Information (ECCV 18 workshop)

Won the 2nd place at Person In Context (PIC) Challenge.



In this paper, we investigate the use of an unsupervised label clustering technique and demonstrate that it enables substantial improvements in visual relationship prediction accuracy on the Person in Context (PIC) dataset. We propose to group object labels with similar patterns of relationship distribution in the dataset into fewer categories. Label clustering not only mitigates both the large classification space and class imbalance issues, but also potentially increases data samples for each clustered category. We further propose to incorporate depth information as an additional feature into the instance segmentation model. The additional depth prediction path supplements the relationship prediction model in a way that bounding boxes or segmentation masks are unable to deliver. We have rigorously evaluated the proposed techniques and performed various ablation analysis to validate the benefits of them.

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